Dear T

I completely agree with your frustrations. I’ve applied to what feels like HUNDREDS of jobs and would feel extremely pleased with a rejection email instead of the radio silence I’m currently receiving. I suppose it doesn’t help that I don’t exactly know what I want from my career.

What I do know is this:

I really want my own book signing

I realise this sounds strange seeing as I don’t have a book but I’ll explain. As you know in October I did some work for the Cheltenham Literature Festival. One of my favourite things about Cheltenham is the number of festivals that run here throughout the year – music, science, jazz, and literature. Any and all of them would definitely be worth the trip over.

Anyway, during this year’s literature festival I was based in one of the book tents where many authors and celebrities would come after their events to sign books. I think this calls for a photo opportunity!

Here I with the lovely @carriehopefletcher (I’m in the cat skirt):


And the WONDERFUL Steve Backshall:


It was my job to stand at the front of these queues to make sure that everything ran smoothly between author and reader. Standing in this prime spot allowed me to chat with the authors (including THE Sir Terry Wogan) and publicists, but also to witness interactions between authors and fans. It got me to thinking – how absolutely lovely and inspiring and overwhelming it would be to have a queue of people who love my writing so much that they’re willing to spend their time waiting in line to have it signed. I think I would cry every time.

So that’s why I want my own book signing.

Next time – why I want my own tour bus. (I’m kidding.) (Although I do desperately want my own tour bus.)

Alex xoxo


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