Hello, it’s us.

Hello and welcome to the first post of TwentyWise!

This has been a long time coming.

Alex and I first mooted the idea of starting a blog together way back in second year. But deadlines, sport, student media and life got in the way. Blog ideas faded into general conversations over cups of tea in our grimy student house. But as sad as it is that we are no longer housemates, we are still friends. Whenever I have a frustrating day of job searching, done something exciting at work, or contemplated how different life is as a graduate (and not a student) Alex is the person I want to tell. We have found conveying any sort of mood or emotion is lost via text and so we decided to set up a page of modern letter writing. What better way to do it than share it with you too, readers (hopefully!), who also have the same issues and joys?

With any luck you will decide to let a little slice of my and Alex’s musings into your life. Stay tuned!


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