Dear Alex

Since graduating from Cardiff my life has been very different:

  • I moved back home and had to relinquish a lot of my independence
  • I socialise a lot less which is depressing; tiny towns in Wiltshire and an active social life are not mutually exclusive
  • I have joined the host of graduates who apply for countless jobs on a frustrating bid to get their first foot on the employment ladder

I found that it took quite a while for me to truly realise that I was not returning to uni and to Cardiff. Not that my life of part-time work and job applications was so exciting that it had taken my mind off my absence from the joy that was uni. My most stimulating part of the week was that I bought a leather skirt. It’s cool. You’d like it. But really that was the most exciting part of my week and was a welcome break from the jobs – or lack there of. An altogether different existence to my uni life: a course I actually enjoyed; rowing; plans almost every night.


I thought I was prepared for the change, I was ready to stop living in a house where it was not unusual to find mould and I didn’t have to sit exams twice a year. But I didn’t appreciate how much I would miss it. I had been warned that the inevitable graduate job searching would be tough and I have found this to be absolutely true. I can handle it, however, I do have one real irritation: the lack of communication from companies. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Why in the modern day is it so hard to send an automated response acknowledging my application or telling me I have been unsuccessful? Instead I am left for weeks wondering if the hours of work I put into my application was ultimately futile. I honestly don’t think it’s too much to ask. I don’t mind if I am one of the many or just don’t meet what they are looking for. All I ask for is communication. If my CV is meant to show that I have communication as a skill, then it seems rare for organisations to in fact practice what they preach themselves.

T xx


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