Dear Alex,

I have all my fingers and toes crossed that one-day you will get to experience your book signing. I know I will be the first in line to have my copy signed.

I am thoroughly enjoying what I am doing at the moment. I’ve been working on Young Sports Personality of the Year. I’m loving it, but as I was probably one of the more sporty members of our uni house, that should come as no surprise to you.

Another thing I’ve been lucky enough to work on is FullSizeRendersome of the BBC’s 100 women season. It dedicates time to the inspiring women all around the world. Having helped on some of the department’s coverage today, I was asked to write down who inspired me. I drew a blank.  Don’t worry I thought of a few (with your help), so many women have done so many inspiring things. Heather Stanning – 2012 Olympic Champion and then served in Afghanistan, Jessica Ennis-Hill – World Champion six months after giving birth and Kris Hallenga, (neglected in the picture but by no means less inspiring) – founder of Coppa feel. It’s definitely not the case that no one inspires me, far from it. In fact I would say it’s because loads of people inspire me.
Note that I say people.

I vastly appreciate the 100 women season as a woman myself. There are so many issues that are central to women and that I feel passionate about: the gender pay gap, body image pressures and the tampon tax, to name a few. But the truth is, perhaps a reason as to why gender equality is such an issue is partly because there are these kinds of segregated celebrations for both men and women.

I think inspiring women should be celebrated every day, but I also think inspiring men should be. It is also not a criticism of the 100 women season. I think it’s brilliant, and really important. I just wonder if maybe it is an example of why it seems a younger generation are switching off when they hear about women’s issues exclusively.

I am a feminist, without a doubt – I don’t see it as a dirty word. I just believe in gender equality. Which is why I feel the need to query whether we in fact need a celebration of inspiring people instead.

Maybe you disagree. Either way stay tuned for a more light-hearted blog next time.

Love T xxx

P.S Btw I love the ‘xoxo’ at the end of your last message. Very Gossip Girl.


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