HeForShe and Christmas Puddings

Dear T

Working on the 100 women season must’ve been amazing! It’s a tough line: celebrating people is definitely the dream. But would women get the recognition they deserve without a season dedicated specifically to their gender? Perhaps. Or maybe the list of inspirational people would be, like many of today’s industries, male dominated.

It’s interesting that you say you don’t see feminism as a dirty word – I don’t either as it goes. But I recently read that Emma Watson was discouraged by the UN Women organisation from using the term in her #HeforShe gender equality campaign. Apparently the word is ‘alienating’. Seems very strange not to use the word in a gender equality speech though (which you can watch again here). I thought Emma’s words were all the more powerful because she wasn’t afraid to use the word feminism:

I thought long and hard and ultimately felt that it was just the right thing to do. If women are terrified to use the word, how on earth are men supposed to start using it?

I wish I could say that I’ve been working on something as interesting as you (or Emma!); I’ve been spending most of my time working in a book shop in the run up to Christmas. I love the books. I don’t love being blamed every 20 minutes for the 5p bag law. Some customers clearly think I am an important power in this country. Not yet, customers, not yet.

Speaking of Christmas – I’ve been searching for a new Christmas pudding costume for Poppy. So if you (or any reader) know of any christmassy dog costumes let me know!!


Poppy *now sadly too fat for current xmas pud costume*

I’ve also finally started learning to drive. About time I paid something back to the numerous people (including you) who have helped me out with their wheels over the years. Although in my first lesson I drove on the wrong side of the road without realising so you may be waiting a while. Also when I initially got the car to move I thought I was absolutely flying. I screamed at my instructor, ‘Woah I’m going SO FAST. How fast am I going??!!’

‘You’re going 10mph’ she replied.

Very good.

Alex xoxo

(Gossip Girl. Gossiping about Emma Watson and my own driving failures. So destructive!)


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