Dear Alex,

I couldn’t agree more, especially about the Ellie Goulding – I too have judged. Celebrities have become the new deities. I think it honestly is because a lot of society has has become disillusioned with the concept of religion. New scientific discoveries have made people more inclined to question the existence of God and when once going to church on a Sunday was commonplace, I don’t know anyone who goes now.

I always put ‘no religion’ on forms because religion doesn’t play a large part in my life. It is true that religion has started a lot of problems in the world. But I do agree with the values religion teaches. Respect, kindness, generosity, to put yourself in another’s shoes. There have always been famous people, instead they used to be people who had done great things for the benefit of humanity – religious icons like Mother Theresa – not found fame for sex tapes or dropping a successful album (my god is Justin bieber’s new one catchy).

I think our obsession with celebrity has arisen through a lack of a belief in something bigger. We hold them up to be Gods because we don’t have anyone else. Nor do we have a concrete belief system to guide us.

This isn’t an excuse in anyway – I agree that how people act towards celebrities is bizarre and unacceptable. But perhaps this provides a possible explanation for the madness.

On another note, I’m sitting here on the bus drafting this (perhaps futilely as I’m seeing you in a few hours!) and feeling happy. It is beautifully Christmassy in London, I had a great week at work – had my first copy published on the website, a lovely catch up with one of my besties this morning, and I’m heading to Cardiff – one of my favourite, memory-filled places ever – to see some more of my favourites for an early Christmas reunion.

Life is good.

Love T xxx


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