London Wonderland

Dear Alex,

I should totally copyright ‘celebrigods’ – let it be known to all that I invented the phrase. I very much appreciated your top 5 Christmas films and sorry I have not written in a while, I’m a bit confused as to where the time has gone since I saw you in Cardiff (which was awesome by the way).

The positive of not blogging recently though, is that I have loads to catch you up on. So this is probably going to be a bit lengthy. Sorry. One piece of news is that I am now back at home again after a month in London. It was amazing and I know for sure I want to live and work there (anyone fancy giving me a job – preferaFullSizeRender 3.jpgbly one that pays?). Also the weekend in Cardiff, and since, has been filled with Christmassy activities that have made me very excited for Christmas.
For example I went ice-skating at the National History Museum, which was great. I was absolutely sure I was going to
fall over about a million times. But I didn’t fall over once! Proud of me? Then we went to Winter Wonderland, which never serves to disappoint in making me feel festive. Although there was a German band on a spinning stage, in the Bavarian village, that was singing ‘YMCA’. Maybe it’s just me, but this doesn’t scream ‘Happy Christmas’.

Nevertheless, all the lights and decorations around London make me feel really happy. Apparently my emotions are dependent on visually pleasing stimuli.FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Last weekend was particularly fun. I had my first taste of the West End. That makes it sound like I was performing. I was not. But I had never been before so it was on my London bucket list of things I wanted to do while I was there. We saw Matilda and it was fantastic. I loved the actor that played Miss Trunchbull the best and the ending was great because they all rode onto the stage on scooters – it definitely appealed to my childish side that wishes I could ride a scooter and not look like an oversized idiot.

However, the whole way through I couldn’t stop thinking about the weird life child actors must live though. Wasn’t it passed there bedtime? Didn’t they have school that day? How did they remember all the words and the dance moves? Of course I enjoyed the show, but these were the kinds of questions that were simultaneously running through my head– a little insight there into my brain.

Love T xx

P.S This is not Christmassy at all, but I watched ‘Southpaw’ the other day and thought it was incredible and Jake Gyllenhal was extraordinary. Plus there were three scenes that made me cry and as you know this is a rarity for me and movies. Either I am more emotional nowadays or it was just a very powerful film. I’m tempted to say the latter. Anyway, if you haven’t already seen it I think it is a must watch and I think you should 🙂


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