Been meaning to post this for a week…

Dear Alex, 
Happy New Year!! You may get two posts in short succession to welcome in 2016 but here is my post Christmas post! 

Your last post made my heart melt a little. You are so right, there are many people to which Christmas is just another day. Except it is a day where it is far more evident that they are alone when most are not and it makes me unbelievably sad. Every year I vow that I will be better next Christmas and donate my time to people that are not as lucky as I am. Every year I fall short. Next year I won’t. Now it is a written vow and they are a lot harder to ignore. 
17 people! I don’t think I even know 17 people! That sounds amazing though, I hope you had a great day. I have always wanted a big family Christmas. I had a lovely Christmas, it was just the four of us but it’s kind of rare us all being together for more than a day so it was nice. Plus my usually sullen and selfish brother was actually on great form which was great (he has now returned to the former state). 

We went to Bath yesterday as my Dad was going back to Abu Dhabi today and needed to return a present he’d bought, and it was ridiculously packed. Stuffed with people carrying more bags. You probably are aware given that you were working Boxing Day (I’ve been there before and can only express my greatest sympathy). 

 I know that people spending money is good for the economy so it is not an entirely negative situation. However, it did make me feel a bit sick. What reason do people have to buy more things after receiving so much the previous day? I realise people are out for a bargain but do we really need all these things so badly? I’m not saying this to preach about the Western worlds obsession with material possessions. I am part of that world. I love clothes and shoes and books and buy them even when I probably don’t desperately need them. But the day after Christmas? I feel it may be a step too far and a step away from what Christmas should be about. 

Did you know some shops were opening at 5am on Boxing Day?! That’s crazy. One shop fully earned my respect however by not opening and that was John Lewis. Not that they probably care about earning Tegan Morris’s respect but anyway. Well done John Lewis, not only do you have a Christmas advert that reduces me to tears almost every year, but you seem to actually care about people and your employees enough to let The couple of days of Christmas be about more than your profit margins. 

Love T xxx

P.S It is getting scarily close to me leaving for half a year 😱 anytime to hang before I leave? 


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