My Spanglish adventure 

Dear Alex, 
I am aware that it has been precisely 17 days since my last post – somewhat inexcusable I know! However, the only thing I will offer in my defense is that my life has changed quite a bit since I last posted!  

The main thing is I have moved! I am now fully(ish) integrated into my new life in Spain and within a couple of hours of landing here I was already eating churros so I knew that I was going to like it here! Speaking of food, I have eaten like a queen so far, the food is amazing. My host family Dad is an amazing cook, he is one of those people that makes you feel lazy just being around him. He runs marathons, paints incredible paintings, plays the guitar and produces some of the best food I have ever eaten. Yesterday, we went to his sister’s house and he had made a giant chorizo and ham empanada that was incredible. 

The whole family are lovely, they sit and listen to me read in Spanish – which is shocking – just so that they can help me improve. Also yesterday, they took me on a tour of Llanes, a beautiful seaside village –


and on my last week they spent most of their weekend showing me around the city and where they live. Plus I have already been on at least four lengthy runs, I have a feeling I am being trained up for a marathon in the mountains they keep mentioning in March…

I am very very tired though – thinking and speaking Spanglish the entire time is thoroughly exhausting. Plus teaching is a lot harder than I thought! On Friday I had a group of 20 Spanish three year olds who had a very short attention span and spoke no English, as well as a teacher who also spoke no English. By the end of the hour I was sweating and red and panicky – I’m slightly dreading next Friday already! Apart from that though it has all been ok. I am looked at frequently as if I am an alien who has arrived from another planet – which culturally and linguistically speaking I kind of am an alien, but hopefully the novelty will wear off soon! 
Tune in next time for more of my Spanglish adventures! 
Miss you, 

Love T xx



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