Dear T

Wowow your photos of Spain look quite magical – keep them coming! The teaching will get easier too although it probably doesn’t seem that way. In my experiences children tend to respond well to music so maybe try singing to them. But not naughty Rihanna songs like I accidentally taught fifty five year old Kenyan children…

The title of this blog is quite fitting at this time for three reasons:

1. You have moved to Spain 

As you know you have moved to Spain. You are no longer struggling to get a bitterly cold front door key into an equally icy lock using fingers that are so numb they might as well be frozen oven chips. In other words England is -4c today and I’m wearing my thermal vest.

Slight change of subject here but what do you get in terms of cinema in Spain? I watched The Revenant last night and aside from it making me extremely close to actually being sick into my hands it was rather outstanding. I think Leo will get his Oscar this year. Also on my watch list is Room which I’ve heard nothing but praise for. I’m curious and I shall not be stopped.

2. I am moving to London

That’s right. Change is just around the corner for me also as in just over a week I move to the big smoke. I will be starting a new job, living with new people, and embarking on a completely NEW lifestyle. I actually went to London the other week with my mum and sister for the latter rat’s birthday. Here’s mum and me enjoying ourselves in the capital with a giant foetus…


I’m full of regret re: this photo

Anyway, wish me luck!

3. David Bowie

If you hadn’t made the connection, Changes is also a totally brilliant song by the late Mr Bowie who the world sadly lost just over a week ago. Over in the Cheltenham Waterstones staffroom you will find a whiteboard filled up with Bowie songs. Each member of staff (myself included) was allowed one song choice to write on the board. This setlist, which is made up of both absolute classics and lesser known delights, will be burned onto CDs, artwork will be arted, and employees will duly receive a Bowie memoriam megamix ft. Waterstones staff. I think the idea is an inspired way of celebrating the life of a legend and getting people, be they Bowie’s biggest fan or someone who is barely familiar with Ziggy Stardust, to listen to something really special. It would be so wonderful if all staff rooms around the world had similar lists written on their whiteboards in order to pay tribute to heroes of past, present, and future.

This was my choice; it’s funny – since I wrote the word on the board my life has been all change.

I hope Spain is everything you wanted it to be.

Alex xoxo


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