‘A Penis please – Oh no sorry, I mean snack’

Dear Alex,

I loved your last blog post and the very poetic way you used changes as a mirror of your life. I have listened to endless Bowie since his death; I had almost forgotten how great his music was. My favourite is ‘Heroes’, I always thought it was a wonderful message that anyone can be a hero if not ‘just for one day’.

I am far from heroic. However, being the only young English native teacher at school I have somehow adopted a kind of hero status for the younger pupils, mostly girls I must admit. They shout my name in the corridors and hug me whenever they see me. A teacher told me her class of four year olds asked where I was one lesson and one girl said ‘Oh no she won’t be here yet because she flies to school’. So apparently I have super powers too.

One super power I do not possess is the ability to speak in a different language. It’s not a classic super power like invisibility or super sonic hearing. However, my daily struggle of communicating in a different language leads me to believe people who speak more than one, especially if that one is English which I now realise is grammatically impossible, are super. Hence the title of my post, which is an exhibit of my daily struggle. Here the word for a snack and penis are strikingly similar sounding to me as a foreigner, however, needless to say I will not be making that mistake again.

In my defence I was exhausted. Which is my current state. I am exhausted when I wake up, exhausted at school and exhausted consistently. I have learnt my apparently pea-sized brain struggles to translate if I am tired. Plus, I know from our days working at a children’s camp, that the feeling of tiredness you get from working in a normal job is nothing compared to what you feel when working with kids. Today the struggle was real. TGIF.

I’m trying to try something different every week – last week it was wine tasting. I had a great time but to be honest I could not decipher which was meant to be ‘fruity’ or ‘full-bodied’ – all I knew was if I liked it or not. The Tapas that go with it were excellent – you would have appreciated it, a lot of cheese and Chorizo.

Tomorrow it’s another cultural adventure. Football is a major deal here and I’m going to a match tomorrow – I know very few rules, don’t know the team and don’t know the language. Despite these struggles and feeling pretty steadily out of my depth, life is definitely exciting here.

I hope the next chapter for you is just as exciting 🙂

Lots of love,

T xxxx


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