Let’s go fly a kite

Dear T

I can’t comprehend how anyone can communicate freely in a language that isn’t their own. You must be doing really well if you’re understanding even a fraction of what’s going on. It’s definitely a superpower (and one that I absolutely do not possess).

I have officially moved to London to be a modern day Mary Poppins. I haven’t burst into song yet or flown around with an umbrella and Tardis bag but it’s only a matter of time. I have weekends off from being Supernanny though so if you or any readers have any recommendations for activities in the big smoke do let me know! This weekend I explored Hampstead which is beautiful and not at all my vision of a capital city. I ended up lost in a J K Rowling style forbidden forest (Hampstead heath lol) and had to use the life saviour that is google maps to navigate my way to a main road.

Jess and I also went to the cutest pub (The Flask) down the cutest alley (Flask Walk) after pretty much bumping into Ricky Gervais. We had a pint and a catch up (me and Jess, not me and Ricky Gervais), only leaving when a couple who severely needed to remove themselves from the public gaze got too much for us. *No matter how much a turned my back to them they always found a way back into my peripheral vision. Go home guys, just go home* Anyway, this paragraph aptly summarises my notion of Hampstead thus far: cuteness overload, celebs, eye-popping….

Besides all that I think one of my favourite parts of moving to London is my new room. It’s organised, it’s clean. Pure and simple (I’l be there for you – HearSay, 2001).

And on that note from one of the best songs in British history (you hope I’m joking) I will sign off with the intentions to explore a whole lot more and have something more insightful to declare than a one hit not-so-much wonder. It’ll be a Jolly Holiday with Mary Alex.

As always keep sending me pictures of Spanish food and you enjoying it

Alex xoxo


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