Word Vomit

Dear Alex,

I realise as I write this that our last communication was ten days ago. However, I have reconciled with my infrequent blog posts by romanticising it. It is far more comparable to how letter writing used to be – as if you have to wait for my update to come through the post box rather than being instantly readable on our blog.

This time I fully intended to write my post just a couple of days after yours, but as always life gets in the way. I’m glad you are enjoying your new life in London (I love your room by the way), you realise just how huge it is when we were in fact in the same city and its vastness stopped us from seeing each other. For as you know, I was back in the U.K for an agonisingly short amount of time; just enough to get my Pancake Day fix (they were great) and use every traditional mode of transport apart from a bike.  

 I crammed so much into such a short amount of time that I am still recovering from the exhaustion.

So the main reason for my return was for a topic that is incredibly relevant to one of the reasons we started this blog in the first place: the tales of our lives as graduates. For the reason for my trip back to the U.K was for a job interview that was like none other I have attended. I knew the second I left the building that I hadn’t progressed to the next round, I hoped I was wrong, but I had a sinking feeling I wasn’t.

Firstly, I let my nerves get the best of me, which is perhaps the number one rule of what not to do when being interviewed, yet I doubt I am the only person to have experienced this. I suddenly had word vomit and just talked at people. 

I told anyone who would listen how nervous I was and how everyone around me was so amazing and I didn’t belong. Well done T, draw attention to the fact that you feel like everyone in the room is better than you. In my bid to seem open, I was definitely too honest about everything. It was like I was having an outer body experience. As if I was looking in on this person trying to be me but not succeeding and coming up with a weird mix of someone I couldn’t relate to. Which is in fact very unlike me, I normally would excel meeting new people and god knows I had enough employability seminars to know how to act in an interview. All in all I’m not too sure what happened.

So even though I was expecting it, not going through to the next stage of the interview was disappointing. I genuinely felt for the first time that I was right for the job and would excel at it. It’s unique and filled with variation and I could vividly picture myself doing it. So why couldn’t I show them? But oh well, I know I am not the first one to experience this kind of disappointment, nor the last: life as a graduate.

I am now back in Spain, feeling slightly deflated but pleased to be back. I have already been here 6 weeks – how did that happen?

Hit me back with more London experiences and news. Seen any more celebs recently?

Lots of love as always,

T xxx


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