When two become one

Dear Alex,

I will forgive your blogging absence if not only because those photos are stunning and I’m proud of you for facing your fears 😉

In your absence I actually wrote 3 blogs! Of course I posted zero of them and I thought it would be a bit too much to post all three so I have combined two out of the three into one. That is why it is a bit lengthy this week and explains my blog title – borrowed from the title of the song by the oh so talented Spice Girls.

What have I been up to? Well, I have spent the last few weekends experiencing more of Spain. Two weeks ago I went quad biking with some of the teachers here. The views were amazing and I LOVED riding a quad bike. I’m really getting a taste of Asturias too as we had traditional Asturian food for lunch in front of this Roman bridge and glorious sunny weather. I had Fabada (like a bean stew) and ‘Escallopines con Cabrales’ which is meat with an Asturian cheese sauce – it’s lush.

Plus, this weekend I learned how to make ‘Churros’ which made the fat kid inside me jump for joy. I will have to make them for you when I return.

In other news, being the massive movie buff I am, have been avidly following the recent film awards including of course, most recently, the Oscars. I look forward to this time every year. I have always believed films trigger a particularly cathartic response, transport you to another place, visually astound you and have the power to make you think about larger issues. For these reasons, I love movies and of course why not celebrate it? Biggest news of the Oscars is of course Leo – after waiting almost the length we have been on this planet, he won the most coveted award among actors. Being a huge fan of Leo, this made me very happy and I also fully enjoyed the amount of Memes that littered the Internet following his win. I also loved that Brie Larson won, I have not seen her performance in ‘Room’ but I love that an independent film can trigger an Academy Award win. I’m also pleased for Alicia Vikander, who I just think is an amazing actress.

However, the extravagance of the Oscars and Leo’s, slightly short sighted, although carefully worded, speech made me pause for thought. As much as I love film, and Leo, I wonder if he considered the amount of energy it takes to make a movie when planning to address climate change in his speech. That in order to find snow for his latest film, they had to fly to Argentina, moving the whole production there, or that they had to drive 5 hours each day to location. That the Oscars as a production, including all the after parties use a huge amount of energy in lighting, sound, and electricity. That he flies on private planes and charters luxury yachts and I would bet good money he didn’t car share to the Oscars. He is right in that it is of course prudent that we listen to leaders who support humanity, but I couldn’t help feeling the innuendo of his speech was ‘Don’t do as I do, but do as I say’.

Although, I perhaps considered his speech more because I have been thinking a lot recently about the environment, my time in Fiji and natural disasters after the devastation of Cyclone Winston. A company very close to my heart, Think Pacific, have been raising money and delivering aid to all the islands they have a connection with and helping them deal with the aftermath. I learnt that only four houses stand in their entirety in Daku, the village where I lived, and the kindergarten we built is completely destroyed.
 I feel so sorry for the Fijian people who are so lovely and generous and have to deal with the destruction. Although I am wholly glad that bighearted companies like ‘Think Pacific’ exist to help in tough times. It is their kind of charity that makes me consider whether we are praising actors too much and the people that really deserve it too little.

Love T xx

(I have attached the link to this blog post in the hope that you or some of our readers may be interested in finding out more about the aid they are trying to provide and may want to help)




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