Welcome to TwentyWise!


TW was created in 2015 by Tegan (left) and Alex (right)

We’re twenty-something year old graduates who are supposedly making that all-important step towards adulthood.

We found each other many moons ago at a Cardiff University freshers flat party. Living so close to one another in some rather pleasant student accommodation enabled us to become firm friends and then housemates for the rest of university existence. Now, though, we’ve graduated and have moved back to our respective home towns. This means as well as losing our student loans (sob) we’ve also lost the ease with which we could once chat mindlessly about life when we lived under the same roof.

That’s really what TwentyWise is for: continuing to update one another on the important stuff from life as housemates to life as graduates; from across the hall to across the web.

Hope you enjoy. And don’t be afraid to get in contact.

Lots of love

T & A


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